My bike trip stories with MeetLocalBiker

When I was young, my father took me to ride around. so that I think riding a motorcycle is fun. I want to enjoy the things I've always loved and enjoyed has given me so many chance to meet peope who are interested in motorcycle and travel. I've chatted with people from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all over the great USA!

I love all the friends I've made!I've traveled through the most beautiful country in the world and met so many dear friends along the way. I'm just enjoying life right now and MeetLocalBiker has been my instrument to get moving and experience my passion to the fullest! I'm a rider myself now, but still love hanging on. Being a passenger is a good thing. in all, a great site for finding friends and giving you the 'spunk' to go for it and follow your desires.

Advice to Other Member:

If you want to meet local biker women and biker men for a serious relationship. a good dating community to find the possible of you love. The website provide local biker news, local motorcycle clubs, local biker event and local related bike shop. easy to use.

Advice to the site owner:

My wish is that the website could improve the app so that it is more user friendly, with better search set up, like with in a certain distance, etc. better.  App is lacking a lot.

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