My Romantic Stories happened on Biker Chicks Dating Site

Motorcycle Chicks have been given a bad rap. Often portrayed as being crass, unkempt and scary, female riders seem to be on the outskirts of society. However, I met biker women on biker dating site who completely smashed this mistaken impression. They are brilliant, funny, and beautiful. Even if many of them were mothers, wives, career women, and active community members,they have as passionate as about motorcycle and riding with men.

Doris is an excellent girl who ride a Harley Davidson. When she was only five years old, she love riding in the front of her father . She told her father she wanted to become a biker chick when she grew up. Her father supported her choice and encourage her to ride. When she was 18 year old , she had the first motorcycle, and easily to get a driver's license. Until now,she has been riding for 15 years. She love the beauty of the landscapes and experiencing all the senses,even when it’s cold and rainy. Every time she could find something different in riding experience. Riding is fun and make her feel freedom and beauty. Riding also allows her a chance to focus on herselves in a world that is demanding and constantly pulling it in different directions.I appreciate her biker lifestyle attitude. We have the same views and values since we focus on riding. She is willing to share her riding experince. She is I met the most brave and rebellious, strong biker lady. She alway inspire me to jump on a motorcycle and take off into the sunset. I think I'm a lucky guy.

Joette was a typical passenger, we met three months ago. She told me that she love the feeling of freedom,the wind in your face and the closeness to the land, and always looking for opportunities to fill the back seat. Riding motorcycle looks different from other hobbies.She wanted to become a real biker who can do anything she want to do.She hoped that she no longer ride behind me, instead she ride beside me. But it seemed it is a difficulty for her to fully control of two wheels since she always feeled fear. I encouraged her to try it, and teach her how to ride.Riding has become a fun hobby for us to do together.

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