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SittingBull1998, Hackettstown, NJ, United States

I have joined this site for nearly a year. At first, I try to become members of three months. I'm disappointed, so I let the administrator delete account directly. Then I joined other dating sites, however other dating sites offer features and services didn't make me satisfied, even worse. I give myself last chance, so that I contact the site manager and ask for reactive my account. Two months later, I met the man my dream. I think all waiting and don't give up is worth it for me.... Read Reviews »

reneeny and tspara98, London, Canada

I like to ride and love all kinds of biker parties, motorcycle clubs and biker events. But I didn't have too much time and energy spent on here since I changed my job. I have many biker males friends, but I want to find good looking female motorcycle riders. I'm a Harley fans and love Harley girls, Harley babes ,Harley chicks. They are the hottest motorcycle girls in my eyes. The site give me a lot of chance to find one Harley girl who steal my heart.... Read Reviews »

Ducce02 , melbourne, Victoria, Australia

When I was young, my father took me to ride around. so that I think riding a motorcycle is fun. I want to enjoy the things I've always loved and enjoyed doing.Meet Local Biker Dating Site has given me so many chance to meet peope who are interested in motorcycle and travel. I've chatted with people from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all over the great USA....Read Reviews »

barbiedoll2008 , new zealand, Canterbury, New Zealand

Last month I joined SingleMotorcyclists for one month of membership. We found each other in the first week, after endless emails and hours of talking on the phone we finally decided to meet.We both met and had fun and connected more than just on a physical attraction; finding that we were the same in many ways and yet very different in others....Read Reviews »

HappyAndFree , Marmora, ON, Canada

I'm a biker and alway want to date hot biker chicks in my areas, even all over the world. I love those young girls who dress bikini tops and chaps.They looks different in others. The two-wheeled experience made them feel "strong", "free" and "independent." It seems that girls and bikes are a dynamite combination. I desire having a female tightly wrapped around my torso. When I searched Biker Chicks Dating Site, I find the site is customized service for motorcycle riders like me. A wonderful website to meet motorcycle chicks meet up, chat , hang out , even ride with. I have joined this site for 3 months, I am very willing to share my romantic story on this website....Read Reviews »

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