My experince on Harley Women Dating Site with Advice to you

We joined HarleyWomenDating is Jun,2015. I ride own motorcycle, and just looking for Harley women in my area on here. Many female motorcycle riders are intereted in me and invite me to join their Harley Freinds group. I thougt they were so far away. Therefore, we just chat and share some intereting things,but no too much progress. But soon after. .I met my Harley girl, a pretty girl, She said she have ride halrey-davidson sportster bobber and has been riding 5 years. She is only 200 kilometers from my city. and then she share some riding experince and biker trip pictures to me, I was touched. We just talking to each other for one week. Then we decided to meet. That day, she came to my city riding her Harley motorcycle. She is as pretty as photos. We talked a lot, and now we ofen spend time riding , spend time together. We are so right for each other and we would have never met had we not joined we both love bikes and I like riding..We can never thank the website enough so when they asked for an interview we were excited to even be considered.

Some advice for biker guys:

The website is not just serving for Harley women, Harley Babes , Harley Chick, but also service for people who want to ride, please do not misunderstand its name. If you are Harley women, and want to find other Harley sisters. If you are not riding a Harley ,but love Harley cultures ,appreciate Harley riders and long to be their one part of Harley people. No doubt it is the right place for you.

Suggestion to the site Owner:

The website has many features is very good. For example, free to verify photo/age/income/education. Easily to check list of new registered, verified and recommened members and find a backseat or passenger and so on. Users can easily find a Harley girl to chat, to disscuss and to ride with. However, Most members is riding Harley. It's difficut to find motorcycle riders who have the same bike type with me. and that the site offer Harley certified biker, please the site owner consider opening other motorcycle model verification so that more people become a certified biker.

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